Nick (keys)

Nicholas Maxwell (Founder of Sauvage, Producer, Songwriter, Vocals):

I spent most of my life  ON-THE-ROCK ............Barbados of course ;-) and music was every beat of it !

From young I remember my dislike for an old Upright piano we had at home. From birth I was a crazy GUITAR ADDICT !!

All I ever wanted was a guitar and to be guitarist. Picking melodies and putting together original arrangements on the old
Upright at a young age did it ever occur to me of a future or talent of any sort on keys. GUITAR WAS ALL!
Thanks to my sister Andy she granted my greatest wish with her first pay check!

My early days of Rock and wild leads turned to classical renditions.
Blue Haze was my first real group and was when my big turn about came, 360 or sorts.
The guys soon got me on the keys…the rest is now history!

I have had to date 2 songs which ran No.1 of the Barbados charts 
'She Fussy'
, 'Where do we go from here' and two others in the Top10.

My career has so far taken me to South America, Columbia, through the C’bean
cruising on Carnival Cruise Celebration and Fantasy, Japan, Turkey, Switzerland, Netherlands and Germany.

Presently producing and recording a new album
I am hoping to move my music to international heights!

Nicholas Maxwell
Nicholas Maxwell - by Diego Bernich Fotografie Nicholas Maxwell - Foto by Steve Wiktor
Nicholas Maxwell - Foto Steve Wiktor
Nicholas Maxwell - Kiki Klee Fotografie
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