Lee (vocals)

Lee Maxwell (Lead Singer, Songwriter):

For most people dreams are dreamt, and the world of fantasy kicks in from a young age…

Lee Maxwell’s passion for singing was A DASH MORE CREATIVE

Forming a girl group with her friends, would be considered normal…
Writing original material and recording it, also normal and encouraging. Which kid doesn’t do such! 

Well if you ever received a telephone call - day or night - with a little girl singing to the top of her lungs, with then question “
… well you have met Lee already! At least on the telephone…

She and her “partners in crime” would seek addresses which seemed in the music business and would walk past the building a 100 times - like they were just passing through by accident ! -...of course doing else…singing they little hearts out hoping for discovery.

She preferred doing it her way…good…because finally things became more practical…

After meeting a this music group >> Sauvage!

THAT was my world and the music I felt home with!

Lee Maxwell

Rehearsing daily for hours to late in the night, writing “real” songs for the first time...well…Lee became the lead singer!

The gleaming eyes, the passionate heart, the goofiness - she never lost it… This is only a little glimpse of what made her become who she is today…
The artist Lee Maxwell!

I don’t believe in sounding like somebody else or trying to be like this or that body…
I just do me - I perform and sing the way I feel and I guess that makes me fresh and unpredictable!

Links: facebook.com/leemaxwellmusic, www.hochzeitssaengerin.org

Youtube Channel Lee

Lee Maxwell - Roger Rachel Photography
Lee Maxwell - Foto by Steve Wiktor
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Lee Maxwell - Kiki Klee Fotografie
Lee Maxwell - Foto by Diego Bernich

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